Lakeside Beach Wedding Lake Tahoe

      Rachael and Jody’s wedding was just about the sweetest wedding we ever have been to. Our connection with them was instant and everyone at the wedding treated us with down home Southern charm and hospitality. We literally left that evening knowing that not only did we have an amazing day with them, but we made new friends as well:-)

      I always try to get a picture in my head of what our brides dress will look like and Rachael’s dress matched her perfectly. Sweet and pretty…just perfect:-)

      Rachael let us know that she wanted to have a sneak peek of Jody before the ceremony without him seeing her. We set up this little peek for them and it was super cute. After Rachael sneaked a peek at Jody, they exchanged letters behind the door. ❤

      I was probably gushing all day, but could not get over how STUNNING a bride Rachael was…simply breathtaking.Lakeside Beach Wedding Lake Tahoe

      Jody and Rachael share a special love for Lake Tahoe so they chose Lakeside Beach to exchange their vows.

      Loved that they held their reception within walking distance right on the lake as well as Lakeside Beach HouseLakeside Beach Wedding Lake Tahoe

      Thank you for sneaking out for some must have sunset shots:-)

      lake tahoe wedding cakesphoto booths lake tahoe

      Super fun day spent with beautiful people…Thank you SO SO much for having us as your photographers🙂 We truly enjoyed every single second!!


      Thanks Krisstin:-) Would love to submit this one to you!

      Stunning images! Love the exchange of letters. Too cute!

      Seeing your response is making our cheeks warm. We are SO very honored:-) You have such a beautiful family and we were SO blessed to be there at Rachael and Jody’s wedding! The day was a dream…literally. Thank you for your kind words and hospitality!! If we are ever in Texas we will indeed look you up!! On the same note, let us know if you are ever in Lake Tahoe. XOXO

      Josh and Sandra

      Josh and Sandra..what can I say…absolutely beautiful all the while looking so carefree and natural…love that feeling of warm fuzzies all over again as if it were taking place at the very moment you are gazing at each picture…WELL DONE and yes we will go on that camping trip one day…such a special couple both Rachael and Jody, & Sandra and Josh and the extra sweet touch with the oh so perfect words you used to describe exactly how everyone feels…you can visit the gulf coast of Texas any ole’ time, an open invitation always awaits….Well wishes on all of your future endeavors and God Bless you and your sweet family

      Thanks so very, very much
      Rick and Terri Caines

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